Please use the menu to the left to view the Planning topics covered in this member resource library.  NILGA will be expanding and updating our provision of online materials on a regular basis, so it is worth having a look at the website every so often to see what’s new. 

Some of these materials have been produced via the NILGA Planning and Regeneration Working Group and Member Network; others are from a variety of sources, including the Department for Infrastructure.

From September 2014 to January 2015 the Department of the Environment carried out a number of capacity building and training events for elected representatives in preparation for the transfer of planning functions to the new 11 councils on 1 April 2015.

The presentations, notes and leaflets from this intensive period of training are available on the NI Planning Portal but not immediately accessible. Further to discussions with Department for Infrastructure officials, it has been agreed that NILGA can provide this information on our website, where it may be easily located by users. Links are provided to the presentation slides and, where available, speaking notes.  A number of other useful documents that were circulated at the events are also included.

NILGA is aware that not all members  were able to attend the training sessions, and that a number of members have been co-opted into councils more recently, particularly after the 2016 Assembly elections. Even those members who did attend the training are likely to benefit from a fresh look at the materials provided as revision of the key planning issues for councillors, since members now have practical experience of working within the new system.

Planning NI (link to website)

Planning Policy Statements (link to website)

Draft Strategic Planning Policy Statement for Northern Ireland (link to website)

Planning Act 2011 (link to Legislation)

Planning Appeals Commission (link to website)

Shaping our Future – NI Regional Development Strategy (link to DRD website)

Existing Guidance on Local Development Planning for Northern Ireland (link to website)

Local Development Planning in Scotland (link to website)

Local Development Planning Guidance for England (link to website)

Local Development Planning in Wales (link to website)

Development Planning Guidelines for the Republic of Ireland (link to website)

Department for Infrastructure (DfI) - Planning one year on(link to presentation)