Member Directory

This section provides you with information on your Local Government Association Office Bearers and the officers who work within the Association on a daily basis.

It also provides you with information on the Association's Executive Membership, Full Membership, Working Groups and representatives from all councils and political parties.

Office Bearers / Councillors

Alderman Arnold Hatch

NILGA President

Alderman Arnold Hatch was first elected to Craigavon Borough Council in 1978 and served as Mayor during the year 1984/85 and as Deputy Mayor on two occasions 2008/9 and 2012/13.

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Councillor Seán McPeake

NILGA Vice President

Councillor Seán McPeake was appointed President of the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) for the 2016/2017 term.

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Alderman Freda Donnelly

NILGA Vice President

In 2016, Alderman Freda Donnelly was appointed interim President of the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA).

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Councillor Dermot Curran

NILGA Vice President

Councillor Dermot Curran is an SDLP Councillor elected to Down District Council in 1973.

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Alderman Alan McDowell

NILGA Vice President

Alderman McDowell has served Newtownards as an Alliance Councillor on Ards Borough Council since 1993, he was Mayor of Ards 1999/2000 and a member of NILGA since its formation.

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Derek McCallan

Chief Executive

Derek commenced his role within NILGA on 1st March 2011. As Chief Executive, Derek is responsible for advising and supporting the office bearers and the Members on taking forward policy and legislation in the interests of their members, local government.

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Karen Smyth

Head of Policy

Karen Smyth has worked for the Northern Ireland Local Government Association since 2002 and has been Head of Policy since 2008, taking a particular interest in planning.

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Mark Maher

Communication & Engagement Officer

Responsibilities include managing communication between local and central agencies and engaging local government and central government representatives in achieving outcomes in the interest of member councils.

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Confirmation of NILGA Members 2017/18

09 November 2017

NILGA is the representative body for the 11 councils in NI. Its Office Bearers are drawn from the five main political parties and its Executive is fully representative of all councils. NILGA Full Membership consists of Councillors, representing all of the main Political Parties and Member Councils. Working Groups include both councillors and officers, aiming to support local government in addressing issues being brought forward.

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