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Project summary

iEER is an Interreg Europe funded flagship project bringing together 10 regions around Europe. Initiated by a group of regions awarded with the European Entrepreneurial Region label, iEER will define smart paths and solutions to boost regional entrepreneurship ecosystems supporting young entrepreneurs.

iEER works closely with the EU Committee of the Regions and the European Commission DG Grow.

Project Partners:

Helsinki-Uusimaa                 - Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council;  Laurea University of                                                       Applied Sciences

Kerry County                          - Institute of Technology Tralee

Land Brandenburg               - University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

Marche Region                     -  Marche Regional Authority

Hatus de France                   -  North France Innovation Development

Northern Ireland                   -  Northern Ireland Local Government Association

Southern Denmark              -  Region of Southern Denmark

Valencia Region                  -  Regional Government of Valencia

Westpomeranian Region   -  Marshal Office of the Westpomeranian Office

West Region Romania       -  Regional Development Agency of the West Region                                                                  Romania